• Date: Sat 07-03-2015
  • Type: Night Score Event
  • Closest town: Blaenavon

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22nd Feb 2015 Draethen Welsh League

Compasssport Cup and Relays

There are 3 competitions coming up that are entered through the club. Please could you let me know if you will be available for all, any or none
All runs to be subsidised (Adult half price and juniors free).  Note however that the full price will be charged if you say you will attend but do not turn up to run on the day (so if injured beforehand let us know in advance).

1.  Compass Sport Trophy - first round
     15th March Eastnor and Malverns (near Ledbury)

2. .JK relays
    6th April Grathwaite Southern Lake District

3. British Orienteering Championships relay
    19th April Cannop Ponds Forest of Dean

Please email me  - Jane Bush, SWOC Club Captain

Street O League Table

4th Jan 2015 SWOC 40th Anniversary Atlantic College

After a successful 25th Anniversary of SWOC it was disappointing that the planned 35th failed to materialise. However we were hopeful that we could do something for the 40th. Recently Graham Tough had been having a clear out and found information regarding the invitation to a meeting at Atlantic College on Sunday 8th December 1974. This meeting proposed the formation of a new club called South Wales Orienteering Club. In parallel for the first time in many years a top junior orienteer Pia Blake from Canada was studying at the college. She was asked if she could remap the college grounds and as a result the 40th anniversary event was created. Due to circumstances it was not possible to hold the event in early December 2014, but agreement was given for the 4th January 2015.

The idea was two have two courses which reflected the changes in orienteering over 40 years. Specially drawn colour maps were around in 1974 but I decided to use a black and white copy of the 1977 map for course 1. Unfortunately the only map I had for the college has a course on it, so I scanned it in, tippexed over the old course and then used this as the base. Obviously the map was out of date so map corrections, master maps and pin punches added to the realism. The down side was that the photocopies proved more difficult to read than maps of this era would normally have been.

The second course therefore required the use of waterproof maps and electronic punching, which all those currently orienteering are familiar with. The use of a common start with different start kites and identifying those finishing on the two separate courses was a logistical challenge. It is easy to forget the number of people that used to be necessary to man the finish, along with those required to check soggy control cards. Apologies for the leg downhill from 7, I should have considered other options. Also as was pointed out the walls to the south of 5 along the slipway are shown as uncrossable, whereas in fact there are steps down.

Finally on to the buffet. When the idea of a pub meal or a buffet was suggested the option which we should go for was split evenly. On the day however it seemed that the buffet was a great success enabling SWOC members from down the years to mingle and chat. Caroline Dallimore produced a beautifully decorated cake with the original SWOC logo. Club photographs and old copies of the platform were on display and someone had created a substantial list of SWOC members over the 40 years. Andrew Maclehose another of the clubs founding members gave a brief history of the early days of the club. Graham Tough was presented with a pair of engraved whiskey glasses and given lifetime honorary membership of SWOC for his dedication to the club over 40 years. The award for best Senior went to James Clemence, best Junior to Stuart Lewis, most improved to Jasmine Silk and for contributions to the club to Pete Colbert.




Photos from the 40th Birthday Event at Atlantic College -

Xmas Score Cosmeston 28th Dec

Photos by Sue Colbert. Results here