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British & JK Relays

No relay teams have been entered this year due to lack of demand.

Score League 2016/7



After the final event this evening here are the final Score League Results. I have only listed people who ran in at least 3 of the 6 events.


  2016/7 Score League - Best 4 Results              
  Name Abergavenny Danescourt Thornhill Whitchurch Radyr Pontprennau Best 4
1 Richard Cronin 98 98 100 97 99 98 395
2 Mark Ponsford   91 93 100 94 100 387
3 Alice Bedwell 97 91 96 95   98 386
4 Nick Dallimore
98 91 90 100 96 385
5 James Clemence   98 93 97 96   384
6 Martyn Driscoll   89 99 95   92 375
7 John Mills   86 90 88   93 357
8 Kate Darlington
84 89 86 92   351
9 Marcus Pinker 100       100 100 300
10 Haydn Griffiths
100 99 92  
11 Alan Stone   93 95 100     288
12 Clare Dallimore   95 100 92     287
13 Mark Saunders 96 94 95       285
14 Ben Dohurty   99   95     194

Handicap Results

  Name Abergavenny Danescourt Thornhill Whitchurch Radyr Pontprennau Best 4
1 Alice Bedwell 100 97 100 100   100 400
2 Nick Dallimore   100 98 97 100 99 397
3 James Clemence   98 94 99 99   390
4 Richard Cronin 95 88 92 90 97 95 379
5 Mark Ponsford   86 89 92 92 100 373
6 Martyn Driscoll   87 93 89   92 361
7 Kate Darlington   84 90 87 94   355
8 Marcus Pinker 99       100 98 297
9 Haydn Griffiths   100 99 96     295
10 Mark Saunders 97 96 97    
11 Alan Stone   92 97 100     289
12 Clare Dallimore   94 100 93     287
13 John Mills   93 95 95   94 283
14 Ben Dohurty   90   88 96   274

Welsh Championships 2017 Merthyr Mawr

SWOC Welsh Championship Winners 

W16 Jasmine Silk,. W40 Christine Farr, W50 Alice Bedwell, W60 Caroline Dallimore, W65 Gill Manning, W70 Sue Colbert.

M35 Rhys Manning, M40 Richard Barrett,  M50 Mark Saunders, M55 James Clemence,  M65 John Mills, M70 David May, M75 Frank Ince.


Forthcoming Major Events

Compasssport Cup & Trophy 1st Round

12th March Cwm Lickey (Pontypool)


We need to get as many runners in the Compass Sport trophy as possible to have any chance of progressing to the final but you need to be a current British Orienteering member. However if you are not a member  it is still possible to run  non competitively and there are beginners courses available as well. 


Will all SWOC members please note that the previously advised route for entering the Compass Sport Trophy event at Cwm Lickey on 12th March by sending your entry via Jane Bush (Club Captain) has now been superseded in that you are now required to enter yourselves via Fabian (

Although this now means you pay the full price initially unless entering as a helper (whence Peter Ribbans will issue you with a helpers code to use), you will be able to reclaim half of senior fees paid and all junior fees on the day via Adrian Moir (he is taking cash for this to the event). Please ensure that you enter your correct class on Fabian (the relevant dropdown includes a description so that you select the correct class to be competitive).

JK RELAY 17th April  Pippinford Park Surrey
BRITISH CHAMPS RELAY 7th May Newby Bridge lake district

If you would like to run in either of these relays please email Jane with your BOF NO. SI no. and age class.
As usual SWOC will pay the full price for juniors and half for seniors . You still need to do your own individual entry.
( up to the first cut off date for entries, after that entrants will be
asked to fund the differance in price).

Lagganlia 2016

Jasmine Silk attended the BOF junior training camp at Lagganlia this summer, this is her account of the week.

My fellow welsh representative, Oscar, and I started our journey in Bristol. We woke up at 6:30 and, feeling extremely excited, started our journey. We got to Lancaster untroubled but then our next train to Edinburgh was delayed by half an hour which meant that we would miss our connection to Lagganlia. Fortunately we caught the next train from Edinburgh to Lagganlia and arrived just in time for dinner. After dinner, we played some fun games to get to know everyone’s names.

The next day was our first full day of training so straight after breakfast we had a briefing in order to let us know what we would be doing throughout the week. Then we set off for the first area of the week – Uath Lochans. We finished the morning’s training with a fun clock relay but unfortunately half way through Oscar fell over and dislocated and broke his elbow. He was taken off to hospital and we found out what happened to him after dinner and the next day he came back with his arm in a cast.

We carried on the week’s training in some brilliant areas such as Grantown-on-Spey, the Moor of Alvie, Badaguish and Intriarch. My favourite area of the whole week was called Roseisle. It was a beautiful sandy woodland right on the coast of Scotland that was brilliantly ‘run-able’. At each area we did a series of different orienteering exercises such as bearings, simplifying and aiming off and finished off with relay.

I made lots of new friends who I am very much looking forward to seeing again at future events. The coaches were extremely helpful and in our coaching groups each evening we went over the exercises we had done that day and occasionally went over maps from previous events, talking about what had gone well and what could have gone better.

My favourite part of the week was the fun relay on the last day when the coaches dressed up and we had to carry a balloon around our courses! I think that any orienteer my age with the ability to qualify and the opportunity to go, should definitely try to qualify as it was a brilliant experience! I learnt new orienteering techniques, improved not only my fitness but my overall skill in orienteering and made lots of new friends for life