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2016 Programme now on the events page.

Organisers needed for 3rd April, Parc Penallta; 18th Aug,Pwll Du; 17th Sept merthyr common; 5th Nov Gwaelod y Garth; 11th Dec Wenallt; 27th Xmas Score.

Welsh Championships 2016

March 5/6th Kingswood/Sugarloaf

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Early bird discount extended until Jan 17th.

Laganlia Junior training Camp 2015

Lagganlia Junior training Camp 2015

My experience of Lagganlia Training camp:

I boarded my train at Bristol. My train was to Wolverhampton where I would meet my friend Will, the other Welsh representative, and we would go on to Aviemore together. After a journey of about 45 mins to 1 hour, I arrived, then waited for Will to arrive as he was travelling from Aberystwyth. We met up and boarded the train but there was a delay of over an hour as the driver had to be replaced which meant we missed our train to Aviemore on arrival at Edinburgh. Luckily there was a later train and we managed to catch that instead.

We arrived at Aviemore later than expected and we were picked up by Karen, one of the coaches. She told us about what we would be doing on the way to the Lagganlia centre. Once we arrived, we were fed and taken to meet the other people taking part. I was in a room with my friend Will, Alistair Chapman and Luke Graham. It was really fun.

I made some great new friends from other regions and now whenever I attend an event or the JHI’s and JIRC’s, I get to see the friends I made and I get to compare our times with them. Lagganlia is coached by older juniors and seniors and it is great to meet, learn from and see these people at future events knowing that I have great connections with excellent orienteers. It is inspiring to see the older generations compete at the highest levels and aspire to do the same myself in the future.

Each day we were taken to different Scottish areas around Lagganlia centre and Aviemore. These areas included Roseisle, Grantown-on-spey, Uath Lochans and Anagach. My favourite area was Roseisle because I loved how runnable it was and how easy the navigation was. At each area we did a variety of exercises to improve our orienteering ready for the sprint and classic race at the end of the week. Examples of exercises included: bearings, simplify and 2 loops. I found the simplifying exercise the most helpful as I learnt to ignore the fine detail and concentrate more on the bigger features leading into and in the control circle. Once I was in the control circle I then began to ignore the big features and focus more on the intricate detail. We also did a relay each day and my favourite was the peg relay at Anagach because, at the start, the coaches led us off in the wrong direction for about 1km. Each day we were taken back to the centre for food and sleep before being taken to another area for orienteering the next day.

We were also assigned into groups with young coaches that were currently doing well in their age groups at big events. At the end of each day we would go over the day’s orienteering and feedback to them in the hope of learning how to orienteer better. This really helped as I began to, rather than ignore my mistakes, go over them and see how I could prevent them from happening.

At the end of the week, we had the sprint and classic races. These were really fun and although I mispunched in the sprint final and made a big mistake in the classic, I really enjoyed it. We also did a fun relay in which all the coaches dressed up and we had to carry a balloon around with us. This took place around the centre and was really exciting. Our team also won!!!

I would really recommend trying to qualify for Lagganlia as this was a great experience for me as I learnt many new orienteering techniques, improved my fitness and improved my overall orienteering. Making new friends also made this a great experience as I now know many great orienteers in my age group.

Thanks Quin.

JK 2015

Congratulations to JK winners - Gill Manning, W65 & Mark Saunders M55.

New BOF Event Safety Guidelines

Essential reading for Organisers and Controllers. Link here.

There appear to be a significant extra burden of record keeping in relation to the BOF insurance policy. Contact details of all non-members and non-competing volunteers need to be recorded and kept for 5 years.