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Decision point - A point, such as a path junction, where you may need to make a decision and perhaps change direction. On the easiest courses there will be a control at each decision point.

Dibber - A SportIdent electronic control card or SI card. It is kept on one of your your fingers as you run round the course and then inserted into an SI unit as you arrive at each control. A small chip located in the dibber then records the control number and the time that you dibbed. This data is downloaded after you finish to produce your results and splits.

Download - At an event using electronic punching, this where the information stored on your dibber (electronic control card) is transferred to the organisers' computer. You will see plenty of signs near the finish saying "do not forget to download". The most important rule in orienteering is that, if you are recorded as having started, you must go the download station and ensure that you are recorded as having returned safely.

Electronic punching - At all regional events, and increasingly at larger local colour coded events, electronic control cards are used instead of paper control cards. If you do not own an electronic control card, they can be hired at the event for a nominal charge.

Emit - One of two competing forms of electronic punching equipment. Not used as often as SportIdent. In fact used pretty infrequently, although it is used at Army events and some regions are currently testing.

EOD - Entry On the Day. Meaning that you turn up on the day of the event, register and run. No pre-entry necessary. Most local and colour coded events are EOD and often non badge classes at regional events are EOD. There tends to be a limited selection of colour coded courses at such events.

FCC - Future Champions Cup. A series of races for the aspiring older juniors (M and W 18's and M and W 20's).

Finish - The end of your course. Marked on your map by a pair of concentric circles. You MUST either hand in your paper control card or go to download if electronic cards are being used.

Galoppen - Norwegian word meaning ¨the gallop¨ but used in the UK to mean an orienteering league.

Green course - The shortest of the technically hard courses at a colour-coded event. Longer and harder than Light Green, shorter but technically no easier than Blue.

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