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Map corrections - Alterations required to an out of date map. Often, at local events using master maps, there will be some map corrections for you to copy down near Registration. These could be recently felled areas or indistinct paths ETC..

Mass Start - All competitors, or one competitor from each team, start at the same time. Always used for relays, sometimes used for score events.

Master maps - Maps with the courses drawn on by the planner. Often used at local events where you are given a map with no course on it at Registration. The master maps will be located just after the Start, and your first task after you start is to copy down your course from the master map. Try not to make any mistakes or it could be costly.

Multi-day event - A series of separate events on consecutive days (may include rest days). There is usually some sort of system to produce an overall winner for each class. Croeso 2004 is a large 6 day badge event being organised in Wales in August 2004 in the Brecon area. Not to be missed.

National event - A major event, not as important as the British Championship or the JK, but more prestigious than an ordinary Badge event. There are about ten National Events each year scattered around the country. Competitive orienteers will try to go to most of them. SWOC organised a National Event in September 2003.

Night orienteering - Orienteering events in the dark. Must be mad!

OCAD - Computer program used for drawing maps. Apparently brilliant in the right hands.

Orange course - A moderately short and not too difficult course at a colour-coded event. Longer and harder than Yellow, shorter and easier Light Green. The hardest course which a novice should attempt at their first event, and then only if an experienced map-reader.

Organiser - One of the three main officials at an orienteering event, the others being the planner and controller. The organiser is in overall charge of everything that happens on the day other than out on the courses. A lot of hard work without much of the glory. At a club like SWOC most members will end up helping or organising at some time during the year.

Orientation of the map - Matching the orientation of the map to the features on the ground is one of the most fundamental skills in orienteering. The map can be orientated by either comparing the map directly with the terrain or by using a compass (or a bit of both).

Out of Bounds - Somewhere you are not allowed to go. It will be marked on the map. One of the symbols all orienteers need to know. An area could be out of bounds because it is dangerous or perhaps because the event does not have permission to use that bit of land. Nesting birds was a reason given at one recent event

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