SWOC Night Race Series

Welcome to the Night races page, these are 1 hour races run over the winter by South Wales Orienteering Club. They are designed as fun events with an hour to find the optimum route and finish with the highest points score. You can run or walk, on you own or as a group, you don’t need a compass or to be able to orienteer, help is available for beginners. The maps are similar to street maps with routes using pavements and the occasional optional park or footpath.



2015/16 Series Events details 

21/10/15  Tynant, Morganstown, Mass start @ 6.30pm followed by SWOC AGM at the Tynant Pub.
18/11/15 Thornhill Mass start @7pm
9/12/15 TBC Cardiff Mass start @ 7pm
20/01/16 Whitchurch, Cardiff Mass start @ 7pm
17/02/16 Newport Mass start@ 7pm
16/03/16 Penarth Mass start @ 7pm
06/04/16 Pontprennau Mass start@ 7pm

Final details for races go up about a week in advance so check back regularly.


Entry on the night SWOC or BOF members - Adults £3, juniors free (must be accompanied) non members - Adults £5.00, juniors £1.00 (entry covers map printing and insurance levies)



Are you interested? Instructions for your first race

 Check the website and facebook page for any last minute details and registration location. You don’t need to enter in advance, just turn up on the night.

Bring suitable footware (running kit if you plan to run), headtorch, pen (to record the points), watch, mobile phone (in case of emergency) and a fluorescent jacket to make yourself seen.

 Follow the signs for registration, pay your entry fee and collect your description sheet. This tells you what points value each checkpoint is worth and what you are looking for, e.g. lamp post

All events start at 7pm with everyone setting off together. You will get your map at the start.

 The map will look something like this:

Checkpoints are marked with a red circle and a dot in the middle to indicate which side of the road it is.

When you reach a control record it on the description sheet in the appropriate space. There are no flags or markers on the course you are looking to write down the correct number specified in the description.

You will then have an hour to pick a route that visits as many controls and gets you back on time. You will loose points for lateness!

The finish is usually where you started, let the organiser know you are back and add up your score. We try to arrange an informal leaderboard on the night with results on the website asap.


Tips for your first race:


Any questions, join the swoc facebook page and post them up on there or follow us on twitter @SouthWalesOC

If you enjoy the race have a look at the events page for future races and training