SWOC Organised Events

Evening Score 3, Whitchurch Wed 19-12-2018 Cardiff Score
Christmas Special Sat 29-12-2018 Cardiff Local Event
Evening Score 4, Newport Wed 16-01-2019 Cardiff Score
SWOC Saturday League Sat 26-01-2019 Cardiff Local Event
Evening Score 5, Thornhill Wed 20-02-2019 Cardiff Score
Local league, Dreathen. Sun 24-02-2019 Cardiff Local Event
Evening Score 6, Llandaff Wed 20-03-2019 Cardiff Score
Saturday League, Abergavenny. Sat 23-03-2019 Abergavenny Local Event
Welsh League Sun 14-04-2019 Pontypool Welsh League
Welsh Championships Weekend Sun 01-03-2020 National Event

Event types

Colour coded events - These are the most common type. Several courses will be on offer with different colours to show how long and difficult each course is. For each colour a separate map is provided. The map will show a sequence of controls which must be visited in the order given. The fastest to correctly complete the course is the winner.  Most events will offer at least Yellow, Orange, Light Green, Green, Blue and Brown courses. Yellow being the shortest and easiest, Brown the longest and most difficult.

Score events - In a score event a large number of controls will be shown on the map. The idea is to visit as many as possible within a time limit. The "score" is given by the number of controls visited less any penalty for being over the time limit.

String course - These are for the very young. Follow the string to find the controls.

Relay events - A team event.  There are several different types of relay but they usually involve several individual runs being combined into a single score.

Event categories

Major events are as the name implies Major Events such as a British Championships and the Easter JK weekend.

National events are also high quality competitions that should attract people from far away.

Regional events (such as Welsh League) have less stringent quality standards than National events and usually attract participants from a smaller area.

Local are lower key events and are ideal for newcomers to try the sport and may be combined with coaching. Entries for National events are usually be 5 year age class. Most other events have colour coded courses.