Welsh Championship Weekend 2005

Sat 8th Oct - Welsh Short Open Championships

Sun 9th Oct - Regional Event & Welsh Championships



Sat splits

Results Sat

Results Sunday

Photos Sunday

Map day 1 winners


I have added the mapof day 1 showing the winners routes

I have added a gallery of the Welsh champions. Follow this link.

The attached page includes all results, badge times and comments. Splits can be found on the links opposite.

A few comments to Adrian on Re Sunday

"Adrian, many thanks for a superb day's orienteering today. It was
worth the trip from Berkshire to run on ML again. It is a superb area,
and must be very very difficult if the mist is down. It was well
planned throughout. The map was very accurate, particularly with the
rocky ground areas, which were the best aids to fine navigation. Well
I understand you a re re-mapping the Merthyr area across the road. I
await that event with trepidation, as I think it is even more
difficult than ML!"

"Adrian, I got round the tough bits and made a hash of my last 2 easy controls,
however enjoyed every minute of it.

Thank you for yesterday Adrian and to all at SWOC for the weekend, we
really enjoyed.

Thanks Kate for all your hard work over the weekend."

"Dear Adrian

I must say I am very impressed with this method of communicating with
your on-line entrants - it's just the sort of thing we need to make
orienteering seem a more friendly and open sport. We all thoroughly
enjoyed our day thank you very much - the weather conditions only
hightened the experience - and the children were (mostly) happy with
the whole thing
thank you very much for your efforts"

"Thank you for all your attention to detail with our entries. We thoroughly
enjoyed our day and all did OK. I think we all made the inevitable one
mistake! We've already checked into the results but thank you for sending
the link. The welsh cakes were great!"

"Dear Adrian

I enjoyed the day very much even more than I imagined as I had never
won anything before! As someone who also has to organise O events I
thought it all went very well and SWOC did its usual excellent job.

Very many thanks for all your efforts."